Wellness Center

When patients walk in the door of the New Light Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, our immediate focus is on solving the problem that brought them to us.

They may be suffering from a sports injuries, a chronic condition, a sprain, a strain or a fracture, or recovering from surgery.

However, once their pain has been reduced and their mobility restored, our job doesn’t end there.

Our goal is the long-term wellness of our clients.

Once the immediate problem is solved, we assess and make recommendations for a wellness routine that will prevent the problem from reoccurring.

This can involve anything from increased exercise to reduced weight, and normally is a mixture of the two.

To us, wellness is best described as having the health, energy and mobility to live life to its fullest potential. With our guidance, we encourage our clients to take responsibility for their own health behavior.

It may start out with dedicating time each day for an exercise routine and adherence to a basic and nutritious diet to lose weight. Learning to handle stress and stop harmful behaviors such as smoking are also components of wellness, as our professional health risk assessments to be mindful of problems before they arise.

At our Wellness Center, we can assist with performance enhancement and corrective exercise as a preventative measure.

We encourage patients to talk with us about their personal activity and fitness goals. We will chart a customized program to help you achieve your goals safely and with measurable milestones.